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Peroulades – Loggas

Distance from Roda 14km

Further along the coast, there are great sandstone cliffs and the famous Cape Drastis.

Here the sea and wind have sculpted a number of small islands, accessible only by boat from a nearby cove. From Peroulades the village, make your way to the two viewpoints from where this incredible sight can be seen, one of them complete with a glass floor, and overhanging the cliffs, guaranteed to give anyone a thrill! Steps cut into the sandstone and restored every year, go down to the sandy beaches of Peroulades and Loggas.


Discover the area

Palia (Old) Perithia

As piracy stopped and living close to the sea became safer and more useful, the mountain villages, lost many of their inhabitants, becoming in some cases almost “ghost villages.

Northeast Coast – Kassiopi

Heading East from Roda is Corfu’s Northeast Coast. On the way is the bay of Agios Spiridon, fronting Antinioti Lagoon, a protected area with lots of wildlife and fish.

Agios Stefanos – Arillas – Far Away Islands

Yet further West, but essentially only about half an hour’s drive from Roda at most, are the seaside villages of Agios Stefanos and Arillas.

Astrakeri – Sidari

A seaside resort, with lots of shops, from here you can access the famous Canal d’ Amour, a stunning rock formation and swimming area.