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Agios Stefanos – Arillas – Far Away Islands

Distance from Roda 18km

Yet further West, but essentially only about half an hour’s drive from Roda at most, are the seaside villages of Agios Stefanos and Arillas.

Yet further West, but essentially only about half an hour’s drive from Roda at most, are the seaside villages of Agios Stefanos and Arillas. Set on either side of Cape Cavokefali, Agios Stefanos faces Northwest and when the wind picks up it is a favorite kite and windsurfing spot. There is also a small harbour here and from here you can catch a daytripper boat to the Far Away Islands. The islands are more properly known as Ericoussa, Othoni, and Mathraki. Visible clearly close by on the horizon, they are not that far away, but their ferry connection to Corfu’s main harbour is actually quite far, hence the name. With only a couple of hundred people living on them all year round at most, the islands are literally three little slices of paradise, each in its own way. Quiet and quaint, Ericoussa has long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and is a favorite with passing yachts. Othoni, populated it sometimes seems only by Greek American immigrants now returned to their island, has the amazing Kalypso’s cove, and here you will find what is arguably the most stunning shade of turquoise and blue water, in the whole of the Ionian. Mathraki, the smallest of the three, also has golden sandy beaches and is the quietest of the lot. Here time stands still with the clock hands pointed steadily at “peace” and “relaxation”… A little zen paradise.

Back on Corfu, Arillas is the other nearby village and beach. Split into two parts by a jetty, the furthest reaches on the right-hand side of the beach are a favorite with naturists and nude swimmers so if you are a nudist this is the place to go. The rest of the beach is family orientated with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas as well as cafes and restaurants. Arillas is also Corfu’s meditation and Yoga center and it is not unusual to see people doing sun salutations on the beach at sunset.


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Palia (Old) Perithia

As piracy stopped and living close to the sea became safer and more useful, the mountain villages, lost many of their inhabitants, becoming in some cases almost “ghost villages.

Northeast Coast – Kassiopi

Heading East from Roda is Corfu’s Northeast Coast. On the way is the bay of Agios Spiridon, fronting Antinioti Lagoon, a protected area with lots of wildlife and fish.

Peroulades – Loggas

Further along the coast, there are great sandstone cliffs and the famous Cape Drastis.

Astrakeri – Sidari

A seaside resort, with lots of shops, from here you can access the famous Canal d’ Amour, a stunning rock formation and swimming area.